City Paper grade: B-

Baltasar Kormákur’s adaptation of Steven Grant’s graphic novel has light touches of anti-big-gov sentiment, but it’s mostly a vehicle for two veteran action motormouths to jab jaws at each other between emptying clips. Paired off in the timeless Lethal Weapon/48 Hrs. greased-lightning-dialogue tradition, Bobby (Denzel Washington) and Stig (Mark Wahlberg) are two wiseass law enforcement studs fighting crime together. The big difference is that they’re both working undercover (Bobby’s DEA; Stig’s Navy), teaming up not to catch bad guys, but to convincingly portray them. When a plan to rob a cartel-run bank turns up an unexpected takeaway of $43 million, it raises the greedy ire of each man’s agency, plus that of the Mexican mob and the CIA, forcing the begrudging duo, covers double-blown, to join forces. The loopy, quick-hit caper nature of the chase, augmented by Bobby and Stig’s fractious but effective teamwork, is not quite as complex as the stylish Kormákur (Contrabrand) sometimes treats it — you’ll basically know who’s setting up whom 20 minutes before the script wants you to. But this doesn’t matter much, as Wahlberg and Washington’s profane camaraderie pops so naturally that you’ll wonder why it took them this long to bro up.