Stefano Giovannini

An album that begins with the lyric — and Blade Runner reference — “I want more life, fucker” and ends with “The world vanished in a gentle breeze” just might describe some pretty high-stakes scenarios. And boy does it ever. Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are (Butterscotch) is the first release in 11 years from D.C. band Beauty Pill. It’s also their first album since frontman Chad Clark almost died due to a heart virus he contracted in 2007.

Accordingly, the album tackles the zeitgeist with once-in-a-lifetime fervor. The circumstances of mortality and chance surrounding Clark’s illness are forthrightly examined on “Near Miss Stories.” LGBT rights form the background of the political/domestic drama “Steven and Tiwonge.” And “Ain’t a Jury in the World Gon’ Convict You, Baby” inescapably brings to mind recent events in Ferguson and Baltimore.

The sound of Describes Things is equally head-turning. Time-warped samples and loops intertwine with dynamic band performances. A metal dog bowl provides rhythm on “Afrikaner Barista.” Eerie shamisen, harp and strings envelope the haunting “Ann the Word.” The album is an exactingly Technicolor work of beat science. And it’s all the more impressive, considering that the band recorded much of it in public in 2011, as an art installation at the now-closed Artisphere in Arlington.

In between those sessions and the album’s release this past April, there were delays and complications, including a second surgery for Clark. (He now wears a battery that keeps his heart working.) Describes Things has received critical plaudits, and the band’s Boot & Saddle show next Wednesday is the first date of their East Coast tour. It’s also their first appearance in the Philly since a 2004 show opening for Travis Morrison at the Khyber.

“It’s crazy for me to be at the microphone in the practice space, knowing how close I came to death,” Clark says. “What I really want to do is make a live music experience that’s as enveloping and involving as the record. I’m just excited to play and to present what we’re doing.”

$12-$14 // Wed., Oct. 7, 8 p.m., with Scott Churchman and Clique, Boot & Saddle, 1131 S. Broad St., 267-639-4528,