SHOW: You Can’t Put Me in a Box 

GENRE: Theater

GROUP: University of the Arts Ira Brind School of Theater Arts

ATTENDED: Sept. 11, 7:30 p.m., Caplan Studio Theater, 211 S. Broad St., 16th floor

CLOSES: Sept. 12

BRIEF SELF-DESCRIPTION: The journey of a girl named Magic, who flees her homeland to escape the wrath and punishment of the Societal.

WE THINK:  Morriah Alees Young’s one-woman original fable is her ambitious UArts senior thesis project, and her performance shows a self-assured young actor ready to hit the real world. UArts surrounds her with a capable student and alumni staff and professional director Ozzie Jones to share the journey of a girl named Magic.

Young the writer would benefit from a dramaturg, however.

Her script seems penned by someone who loves The Giver and post-apocalyptic teen fiction like The Hunger Games and the Divergent series a bit too much, and hasn’t really created her own metaphorical world. For instance, “Magic” is a special girl with more than the one gift and two talents that all residents of “Menot” are allowed. She doesn’t want to be put “in a box” (literally), so old rebel “Wisdoma” helps her escape to “Thismeis.” All this, me is thinking, is derivative; me not amused.

Her journey includes sirens (the beckoning kind), trolls, a dragon, and a magic apple — all tropes from other stories — but is bolstered by composer Vaughn Wright’s haunting music; Christopher J. Hetherington’s smart, sharp lighting; and a splendid transformative finale that bursts from Shannon Fahey’s set.

Most of all, the play showcases Young’s sincere, committed performance as she plays all the roles in Magic’s adventure.

Ultimately, this is her journey, and she won’t be kept in a box.