Maria S. Young

Broad Street Diner’s Belgian waffle

Dining out is frequently less about the food than the experience. Especially after last call, when hungry, intoxicated and otherwise beleaguered citizens stagger out of the bars in search of someplace, any place, to feed. There aren’t a lot of options. For a second year, City Paper‘s editorial staff was dispatched to savor both the social and culinary offerings of Philadelphia’s 2 a.m. eats.

Fishtown food trucks – “Forget a flat belly and pants that fit.”

Makkah Market – “It’s easy to believe that the whole of the Levant has been shoehorned into a single city block.”

Ho Sai Gai Restaurant – “You could arrive at here in the early morning hours in a state of sadness and leave with a smile on your face.”

Prima Pizza Taqueria – “They don’t do pizza anymore. Also they ran out of chicken.”

Broad Street Diner – “The diner gets a lot of cops, the waitress said. All of them order the cranberry-walnut salad, but she doesn’t know why.”

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