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  • Staples: Desperately seeking scallops

    Carolyn Wyman Chef Mary Ann Ferrie from Chloe BYOB It’s been a tough year for the many fans of Chloe’s scallop, potato pancake and arugula salad entrée. Despite a deluge of customer praise and its signature status — being one of only four current dishes dating back to the 15-year-old bistro’s first...

    • Sep 30, 2015
  • Opinion: ‘Fascists’ in golf carts

    A woman wearing an L&I; polo shirt confiscates property from a man at Broad and Pine. Living in a police state in support of the Roman Catholic Church was interesting. If you take a look at what happened this past weekend — security checkpoints, state-sanctioned business, military stationed everywhere on city streets...

    • Sep 30, 2015
  • Review: I Heart Cambodia, under new management, is emblematic of Cambodia Town

    I Heart Cambodia Posted on a coffee shop window on South Seventh Street just north of Moyamensing is a letter to Councilman Mark Squilla requesting a meeting to discuss the possibility of forming Cambodia Town within the boundaries of Fifth to Eighth streets from Porter Street to Snyder Avenue. Official recognition for...

    • Sep 30, 2015
  • Praise and Penance

    Mark Stehle Praise: General feeling of safety Penance: General police state vibe Praise: Realizing how nicely we clean up Penance: Realizing how quickly the government can take us over Praise: Streets free of traffic Penance: Streets free of Philadelphians Praise: Everybody was so friendly Penance: Friendliness starts to seem creepy after awhile Praise: Stephen Starr’s...

    • Sep 30, 2015
  • What went down when Pope Francis came to town

    Ten journalists for City Paper fanned out across the streets of Philadelphia last weekend to capture in words and photos the impact of Pope Francis’ two-day visit, the capstone to the World Meeting of Families. What we witnessed was uplifting at times and frightening at others. How often do complete strangers sit...

    • Sep 30, 2015
  • Cops: Man got manicure, then robbed Philly nail salon

    Philadelphia police are hunting for a robber who appreciates the finer things in life — a man who got a manicure before allegedly robbing the nail salon at gunpoint. The incident happened at Rockland Nail on the 1300 block of Rockland Street in the city’s Logan section. The suspect walked in at...

    • Sep 29, 2015
  • Today’s Specials: Dine out this week

    Maria S. Young ? The papal visit is over, and most local restaurants are hurting after a large share of Philadelphians defected to the shore and Francis-focused pilgrims passed over them. So eat out this week ? that’s an imperative. ? The folks from dinner-service company Food Underground will be slinging high-grade...

    • Sep 28, 2015
  • Zanzibar Blue, Warmdaddy’s owners on what you should eat at their newest digs, SOUTH

    SOUTH Philadelphia’s Benjamin and Robert Bynum have long been champions of combining soulful food and live music: Think Warmdaddy’s blues and the jazz at Zanzibar Blue (which ended its reign in 2007). Music is in the brothers’ blood; their father, Ben Bynum Sr., ran one of Philly’s funkiest discotheques, Club Impulse, throughout...

    • Sep 25, 2015
  • The Bell Curve: Our weekly quality-of-life-o-meter

    Gage Skidmore via Flickr [0]  UPenn students start a Penn for Trump group in support of the Penn alum. Trump expressed his support for the group, calling them “white.” [+1]  Philadelphia Media Network denies asking employees to bring air mattresses to sleep on at the office during the pope’s visit. In fact,...

    • Sep 24, 2015

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