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  • Political Notebook

    October 5–12, 1995 political notebook Political Notebook By Mary Frangipanni Register of Wills Ron Donatucci, who had been the subject of controversy in a series of articles in the Inquirer by Vernon Loeb last year, will now — surprise, surprise — have lunch with the reporter who caused him so much agita....

    • Oct 5, 1995
  • Hal, Meet Cal

    October 5–12, 1995 noises off Hal, Meet Cal Hal Prince wasn’t the only behind-the-scenes talent being celebrated last week. By David Warner You’ve seen his face. And you’ve seen the groundbreaking new plays and musicals he’s worked on. But you rarely see him on stage — except last week at the Midtown...

    • Oct 5, 1995
  • Dead Presidents

    October 5–12, 1995 movies Dead Presidents A man trapped by war, in Vietnam and at home. by Cindy Fuchs Directed by the Hughes Brothers A Hollywood Pictures Release recommended The Hughes Brothers’ new film begins with a slow burn, a stack of high-denomination bills on fire. An elegant meditation on the various...

    • Oct 5, 1995
  • The O.J. Trade

    October 5–12, 1995 hit and run The O.J. Trade Anyone who worries that O.J. Simpson is going to starve now that he’s right up there with Adolph Eichmann on the List Of People You Don’t Want To Sponsor Your Product should call Scott Andreadis. Andreadis, an electrical contractor from Egg Harbor Township,...

    • Oct 5, 1995
  • Tool Time

    October 5–12, 1995 naked city Tool Time Makeup diva Trish McEvoy brushes up the Main Line. By Margit Detweiler “She’s telling me her worst problem is that her lipstick won’t stay on,” explains a representative from Trish McEvoy as she pencils in lip-liner on a Gladwyne client of a certain age. “Honey,”...

    • Oct 5, 1995
  • The Life of Galileo

    October 5–12, 1995 critical mass The Life of Galileo People’s Light & Theatre Company, 39 Conestoga Rd., Malvern, (610) 644-3500, through Oct. 15. At the dead center of Bertolt Brecht’s The Life of Galileo is a long conversation between Galileo (Tom Teti), the 17th century Italian astronomer, and a “Little Monk” (Benjamin...

    • Oct 5, 1995
  • Zoot Suit

    October 5–12, 1995 city beat Zoot Suit The music may be over for popular be-bop boite. By Scott Farmelant After being open only a few months, Zoot snared best jazz spot in Philadelphia magazine’s annual “Best Of” awards. Now the “classy newcomer on Head House Square” may go kaput by month’s end....

    • Oct 5, 1995
  • Starr Power

    October 5–12, 1995 city beat Starr Power Stephen Starr’s latest endeavor, Linoleum, has some of the neighbors worried. By Tamar Charry Stephen Starr’s newest club, The Continental in Old City, is quickly becoming the hottest thing going, with public and press alike singing its praises. But at 22nd & South, the tune...

    • Oct 5, 1995
  • Richard Costello

    October 5–12, 1995 20 questions Richard Costello By Ami Eden Background: While fulfilling his duties as president of the FOP, Richard Costello spent the summer battling pro-Mumia activists, supporters of the civilian review board, and the Rendell administration. A life-long Philadelphian and a 22-year veteran of the Philadelphia police department, Costello does...

    • Oct 5, 1995
  • Two Or Three Things I Know For Sure

    September 28–October 5, 1995 book quarterly Two Or Three Things I Know For Sure Two Or Three Things I Know For Sure By Dorothy Allison, Dutton, 94 p., $14.95. “‘Let me tell you a story,’ I used to whisper to my sisters, hiding with them behind the red-dirt bean hills and row...

    • Sep 28, 1995

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