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  • They Took Their Shots

    December 30, 2004-January 5, 2005 naked city They Took Their Shots Stars of Eddie: Members of Gottlieb’s Philadelphia SPHAs circa the 1920s. : courtesy of PHiladelphia Jewish sports hall of fame Gil Fitch, a member of Philadelphia’s all-Jewish SPHAs basketball team in the 1930s, reflects on violence in sports. by Steve Cohen...

    • Dec 30, 2005
  • Best CDs of 2004

    December 30, 2004-January 5, 2005 music Best CDs of 2004 Rock/Pop/Hip-Hop Div. 1. Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand (Domino) The best songs are the ones that make demands, don’t you think? No one makes a catchier, sexier, more convincing demand than Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos. And no one made a better album this...

    • Dec 30, 2005
  • What Happened Next?

    December 30, 2004-January 5, 2005 cover story What Happened Next? We revisit our biggest stories of 2004. GIANT STEPS: Abby Padilla says she’s “75 percent there.” Photo By: Michael T. Regan “Back to Life,” Jan. 1, 2004 The Story: On June 29, 2003, Abby Padilla’s life was forever changed. The beautiful 17-year-old,...

    • Dec 30, 2005
  • Auld Lang Crime

    December 30, 2004-January 5, 2005 city beat Auld Lang Crime Predictions of a looming mob war may be overstated. by Brendan McGarvey It’s nice to know that around the holidays even the local mafia gets into the spirit, taking time out from extortion, bookmaking, murder, drug dealing and various other illegal pursuits...

    • Dec 30, 2005
  • Station Static

    December 30, 2004-January 5, 2005 city beat Station Static Illustration By: Jeffrey Bouchard A former KYW Newsradio anchor claims bias against women. by Angelina Sciolla On May 16 , KYW radio news anchor Elaine Keno was at Independence Mall East for yet another weekend shift. Leaving the building briefly without her key,...

    • Dec 30, 2005
  • Sit Back and Rewind

    December 30, 2004-January 5, 2005 art Sit Back and Rewind Taking the arts of 2004 one moment at a time. One moment, please. That’s what we asked our arts critics to consider over the last few weeks. What particular part of an exhibition, performance or play rose above the rest? What actor...

    • Dec 30, 2005
  • icepack

    December 8-14, 2005 music icepack by A.D. Amorosi Lord & Taylor’s light show got cut back, meaning anyone looking to snag a quickie at Wanamaker’s eagle has fewer chances to have his pick-up lines backed up by John Facenda’s booming voice. We’ve handed City Hall’s floor show to Artlumiere’s fruitily produced LiteBrite-meets-French...

    • Dec 8, 2005
  • icepack

    August 25-31, 2005 music icepack by A.D. Amorosi A sultry Sunday in RitSquare: The sounds of SUN-DAE at Le Jardin behind me, the best summer ever’s best party ever with Lee Jones, Aaron and DJ Dirty laying low house pipe. It’s mah birfday, it’s mah birfday. I’m having sunfun with friends when...

    • Aug 25, 2005
  • icepack

    August 18-24, 2005 music icepack by A.D. Amorosi Baby, maybe it’s the swelter and the barely-there clothes. Maybe the twisted talk of The Aristocrats got you hot and the Bawdy Girls running ’round got you hotter. Maybe Sgt. Salacious Stefan Bernarsky‘s stripped-down Philth model searches (at Siam Lotus Aug. 24 next, yo)...

    • Aug 18, 2005
  • icepack

    August 11-17, 2005 music icepack by A.D. Amorosi Maybe I’m damp beyond humidity. I’m confused — confounded by how it is this lousy city can’t get decent representation on television. The surely soon-to-cancel Seinfeld-with-mooks It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on FX isn’t it. Forget the dire Cold Case (see, you already did)....

    • Aug 11, 2005

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