When Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia rolled around, City Paper’s Bryan Bierman asked us if he could, in any way, help us record some interviews during the event. Given his history of behind-the-camera work, we told him — in no uncertain terms — not to come within a hundred miles of Philadelphia until the pope’s plane touched back down on European soil. We then sent him to one of Philadelphia’s few remaining travel agents, who booked him a fancy cabin in the Catskills from Friday through Monday, on our dime.

Which, of course, is why we were so shocked when, this morning, Bierman sent us a series of video interviews he’d conducted during the weekend of the papal visit.

We’re sorry, everyone.

(One small note: Nick DeCapria — seen here as The Hulk — is raising money for his four-year-old son Vhito, who has been diagnosed with cancer. To learn more and donate, please visit this link.)