Andrew Zaleski

The Haro family. From left: mother Georgina, son Saul, daughters Nancy and Jenny, and father Jesús.

For more than three and a half hours, the Haro family stood behind a barricade lining the circle around Logan Square waiting for their chance to get a glimpse of Pope Francis.

The wait paid off for Georgina and Jesús Haro, along with children Saul, Nancy, and Jenny, who were at the very front of the barricade. When the pope came around the circle in his Popemobile at approximately 7:23 p.m. Saturday, he turned to wave in their direction. City Paper was also there to get the scene on video:

After the pope drove by, Jesús turned around and said just one word: “Beautiful.”

“I feel like a dream came true in our lives,” said Georgina, who with her family traveled 10 hours from Detroit for the Francis Festival. “We’re taking those blessings back home with us.”