Etienne Frossard

Ellen Harvey’s Metal Painting

Screen Time

Asha Schechter and Sandra Vaka Olsen challenge the traditional purpose of the photograph in an era when screens have taken over our visual fields. Both artists aim to use “gestures, icons and depictions of the screen itself to break free from the confines of the rectilinear form, and extend into the material world.” Schechter’s and Olsen’s photography redefines the role of the digital within our everyday lives.

Sept. 10-Nov. 7, Crane Arts Center, 1400 N. American St.,

Becky Suss

The Institute of Contemporary Art is hosting local artist Becky Suss’ first solo museum exhibition. Large, meditative paintings are paired with smaller oil and ceramic pieces, with the focus on scenes from her late grandparents’ home, raising questions about class, politics and religion.

Sept. 16-Dec. 27, Second Floor High Space at the Institute of Contemporary Art, 118 S. 36th St.,

Strength and Splendor/Metal Painting

Explore nearly 150 intricate pieces of metalwork from a centuries-old collection assembled by French architectural photographer Jean-Louis-Henri Le Secq Destournelles and his son, Henri. It’s a collection Albert Barnes held in high regard, and it was rumored that he traveled to Rouen to see it. Le Secq’s collection includes everything from doorknobs and jewelry to garden implements and surgical tools. “Strength and Splendor” is paired with Ellen Harvey’s Metal Painting, a newly commissioned site-specific work exploring the Barnes Foundation’s “iconoclastic placement of … metalwork in the context of his holding of paintings.”

Sept. 19-Jan. 4, Barnes Foundation, 2025 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy,

Audubon to Warhol

A genre first defined by Philadelphia artists, the American still life has found its place in art history whether in watercolors, oils or other media. “Audubon to Warhol” divides the history of the genre into four chronological sections, spanning from the early 1800s through the pop art of the 1960s, each “characterized by a prevailing way of seeing and relating to objects.”

Oct. 27-Jan. 10, Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy,

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