May 11-17, 2006

Naked City : Icepack


Philly thrives on competition. If our teams were any better, you’d know that more readily. Hey. We don’t care who gets in our grill. Think an outsider like Trump throwing up a condo’s a threat? Fuck that. Every goombah buddy of mine who owns two square feet of land is ready to start construction just out of spite. Think we can’t kick L.A.’s ass when it comes to getting the 2016 summer Olympics? They’ve got what—Hollywood? Fuck that. We’ve got the Philly International Gay/Lesbian Film fest in July with sing-a-long Xanadu. Philly eats competition for breakfast. Or lunch, as Electric Factory’s Larry Magid did when he hosted a food-filled bash for Tweeter. (This had nothing to do with Magid eating Dan Gross‘ lunch, fuck you-style, in the DN.) That day was about new sightlines and schedules—including EFC’s gigs with Roger Waters and As I Lay Dying. “I’m very excited about that Sounds of the Underground show,” laughed Magid referring to Dying’s July gig with Gwar. “This is the biggest summer we’ve ever had,” he said. Take him off to the side, and along with finding him being superexcited about the surprise of Springsteen‘s new rollicking folk vibe and the whole CSNYoung tour kicking off at Tweeter, I hear Magid—after some 40 years of concert promoting—still hungry to compete against all comers. “That edge is in my blood. I was born with it. You can never be satisfied.” Unsatisfied, he then gnawed on my arm. I keed. Still, after beating down Jersey, Broadway and downtown Philly, who’s gonna compete against Laris Kreslins, who, after last week’s packed Lithuanian Music Hall Espers bash filled with lovely beardos in blankets on the floor and Slavic martinis, is taking on Kensington South Forum, May 12, to launch Danielson‘s Ships tour with King of Siam in tow?

Wasswrawwngwithyuuu? You missed 200 peeps crammed into UACA to see the live release party for The Great American Holiday CD Lou Matlow of Full Force Promotions produced and conceived for his fake-me-out record label, Diamond Lou. Matlow, lonely at the thought of select holidays getting all the business, dreamt up his CD while boozing with Chris Unrath (Helen Back guitarist) at 700: locals playing holiday songs where none existed previously. Mark Boyce did Columbus Day; Audible, July Fourth; Brentwood Estates, Father’s Day and so on. “There’s guaranteed radio play—how can a DJ not spin the only Groundhog Day song [Art DiFuria] in existence,” says Matlow, who got most of his GAHA players together at UACA, including Tracy Stanton doing a sock puppet “Martin Luther King Jr. Day” (standing in for Maxx of The Goats) and Heather Kilroy as Honest Abe during her husband Shawn‘s celebration of Lincoln’s b-day.

Philly look-sees: Lydia Giordano‘s heavy heavy Bumrunner getting visits from the Hollywood label? Matt O’Dowd‘s light and ’80s-dancey Liam and Me getting b-b-bugged by Virgin and Capitol?

Say nice things to Meredith Lindemon. The City Paper-er who did stuff for Harper’s Bazaar, is editor of the Philly version of the femme-focused e-mailer

Art? Fart. Where’s the dogs playing cards paintings could’ve been the sentiment when the F.U.E.L. Gallery opened at 3rd and Arch’s locale that housed Real World: Philadelphia. Local politicos from our Governator to our DiCicco-nator showed to see what F.U.E.L. space owner Michael Yaron‘s daughter Jen would curate.

From CP 2006’s first ish I’ve been tooting the praises of Lenola-ites Jay Laughlin and Dave Grubb‘s sensational new glambient Like a Fox. Well, muhfuhckahs is dropping their first CD at North Star May 13 with the ex-Aspera-ated Blood Feathers-y pals of Quentin Stoltzfus beside them. Didn’t we mention Blood Feathers in that article, too? Don’t they got a debut—the awesome, anxious Curse and Praise—out too? And shouldn’t you ask Capitol Years-offshoot War on Drugs to play “Pushing Corn” while you’re up North?

Do nice things for photographers this week. Like when you see national rock snapper Scott Weiner celebrating his birthday at Bar Noir Saturday, give him a kiss. Matt Davis—photog, Wes Montgomeryesque guitarist—is bringing his big chamber jazz ensemble, Aerial Photograph, to World Café Live May 11. Go and don’t disappoint me. Or if you go to Dominic “Delilah’s” Episcopo‘s fashion photo show at Walnut Room May 16, grab him a cocktail. And Nic D’Amico? If you spy the photog hanging around the Griffin, tell him how nice his 10th Street studio is so he doesn’t move to that warehouse near Assouline & Ting on N. 3rd.

More artists on the move? Punk/pin-up silkscreener Dave Glass is so damned busy—work, having a baba—he needs more space than his Souf Philly locale provides. So he’s heading up to 17th and Bainbridge. And he’s probably canceling Killpop III until a 2007 date at the Troc. Sob.

Yo, that’s Four Seasons’ chef Jimmy Ng partnered with Billy Wong at Girard Ave.’s Franco-Asian Taste—the place with the Stangos overhead.

ROOMAAH: Are Dave Frank and Stephen Simons from Royal Tavern opening a Royal Cantina on Passyunk Avenue in South Philly way olé?

WHOWHATWHERE: Will Smith came all the way from post-production on The Pursuit of Happyness to foot the bill (again!) for his twin sibs, Harry and uhhm, the other one. Siike. It was Harry and Ellen‘s birthday and they supped at Cuba Libre.

Hey, we didn’t need to hear another 4 Way Street record. (Heck, even Jim Boggia bailed!) But that don’t mean we wanted its newest quarter, gruuvy Tom Gillam, to have a heart attack with zip insurance to pay for hospitalization. No sir. So hit Whiskey Dix’s all-star benefit May 13 (Heavens Edge, Kenn Kweder, host Jacky Bam Bam, more; and pay in so that Gillam can rock otherwise.

And P.S.: Ask your cab driver not to strike on May 16. Tell ’em A.D. has places to be.