May 4-10, 2006

Naked City : Icepack


Last weekend—from Superfriendz ICA Penn Relay party to Thrilladelphia’s Hancock Street block party to the bad dancers at TLA’s Antibalas show on South Street—I was moved. Not just because each small, sturdy crowd was devoted to the entertainment at hand. Rather, because not one of you wore one of those “Start Snitchin'” shirts straight outta Philly. AWESOME.

Don’t know what took Bruuuce so long (announcements for June 20 Tweeter show got out on April 17!), but Springsteen‘s Seeger Sessions Band sans anyone from E Street, starts selling tix Saturday. ‘N tawkin’ bout Joisy, Marilyn Thomas—known to slippery Sex Dwarves as DJ Pussy Galore—moved to North Jersey and got a job as assistant producer for a reality Internet show filming in Red Bank that involves waitresses, magicians, yoga instructors and maybe you if you’ll send head shots to and commit to be (oof) in Red Bank for six months. Our Prisoner makes Internet history when Kieran Vogel—35, lives with parents—becomes the first person to give total control of his life to the Internet. “Every aspect of Kieran’s life will be streamed in real time and unedited as dictated by the Internet, says Thomas, explaining that your e-mails’ll steer everything poor Kieran does. Stay tuned come June 6.

We hear that PA suburbanite Bam Margera and his wrecking crew are working on a new MTV show; more wisecracking, less jackassing.

While his buddies on the Iggles—to say nuttin’ of Franny DiCicco—wait for their dwellings in Souf Philly to get finished, antsy Dhani Jones up ‘n’ bought in NoLibs’ Cigar Factory, though no word on where draft pick Chris Gocong‘ll be living.

Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I couldn’t bear the thought of your kids singing “Mame” and getting all jazz-hands so young. The New Hope Idol contest is in semifinal stages. You can see the remaining eight at the Cabaret at Odette’s, 274 South River Road in New Hope May 10. Pray someone sings John Fogerty songs. Toughen ’em up.

The Fire’s Derek Dorsey—who seems to manage ‘n’ book while ducking planks of wood from neighboring thugs when fortified in his Girard Avenue joint—took yet another job doing A&R; for Cherry Lane Music Publishing. His first grooovy assignment? Hitting Minnesota to chill with Atmosphere to get them to sign over their catalog. “I’ll be smoking with Slug for a couple of days—not a bad gig,” says Dorsey.

When aging wigga comic Danny Ozark hosts his monthly second Monday “Sexual Confessions” open mic at Bar Noir May 8 with Dirty Diamond (these tranny-loving types’ve been together too much of late) and The Minor Prophets guesting, he’ll have another visitor: Needles Jones. The Noir’s drag muse known to mom as “Ira” has been laid up since November. “I’m getting fucking buggy,” says Needles, applying a wig while watching videos that Ray Murray from TLA sent during his recoup. Everyone—throw pain meds.

Who did I spy while visiting WYSP studios (I wuz looking for David Lee Roth‘s Panama hat)? Marilyn Russell, the ex-Y100-er who’ll do stuff with Couzin Ed while trying to squeeze out her own slot. Get ‘er in.

It’s hazy now—blindfolded ‘n’ drugged as I was. But there I was watching DreamWorks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg in v-neck pullover talking about animation at the Prince. All of a sudden, it’s dark. My head’s lumped. I’m upstairs in the Black Box talking to Over the Hedge‘s director Tim Johnson (who keeps doing James Mason impersonations) and his star, Wanda Sykes, who plays a skunk in his movie. “No,” she didn’t have a problem not using the f-bomb in a kids’ flick, it ain’t like she has Tourette’s. “No,” she wasn’t intimidated by playing an animal that smells funny. Yes, she likes doing cartoon stuff since she can go to work in pajamas. “I’m just glad I got the gig,” said Sykes. “I had just wrapped doing Pootie Tang when they called me.”

Ken Buono (Flight of Mavis, Dragstrip Courage) is behind The Tell Alls. And his producer Adam Lasus and the country cousins in Hank’s Cadillac are behind him as he drops his hungry new CD, Feeding Frenzy, May 5 at The Parlor (1170 S. Broad), with a menu by The Johnson Kitchen. Chipotle!

Fashion statements: No, I can’t wait to break out my skinny jeans, sandals and painted toenails at the onslaught of student runway shows coming up (College of Textiles hits first Saturday, yo). But some of y’all jumped the gun. So yes, that’s designer K Vaughn DJing Tuesdays at Byblos for “Pure Profit.” Sure, Matthew Izzo is styling the singles on CN8’s On a Date (nothing’ll help, honey!). And Bawdy Girl Jenny Balls tattooed a mustache on her index finger (in tribute to Carmen Martella III) so that she can have a ‘stache just by raising her hand to her face. (That’s what happens after a night of bartending at Whiskey Dix!)

Why is Brit-turned-Philly soul man James Hunter moving his World Café Live gig a day to May 5? Leno baby, he’s on Jay May 4. Plus he confirmed he’ll do WCL for New Year’s Eve. Dag, that’s planning.

Darfur? I hardly know her? Before painter Tim Bowen‘s new Falling Cow Gallery on positively Fourth Street gets ready to drop its rumored “Boobies” show, Bowen’ll be getting all serious; with a release event (not a party, surely!) for his Issues CD May 6 and an art thing of his called “War & Peace.” Stay moo-ing: Jazzbos Dion Paci and G. Calvin Weston‘s Mad Cow Productions kick it improv-style at World Café Live wit’ Odean Pope May 4.

While we wish the pretty PR kids at Nicole Cashman and Co. a happy fifth while they party on Hancock Street this weekend, someone robo-birthday kiss trance-master/stylist Kim Kelly‘s beau Josh Wink who celebrated at Fluid with a release bash for his new chronic-tronic CD, Profound Sounds Vol. 3.