December 29, 2005-January 4, 2006



I’ll hold my caustic 2005 buh-byes for next week. I’m too freaked by you right now. Driving through town’s foggy humidity and hearing y’all headed to post-parent drunkathons on Christmas—so sad. No one loves Everynight like I. I invented Everynight. Dismiss family. Dismiss job. But, Christian soldier: Nothing to stay home for, loser? Unless, you’re Jewish (and if you are—party, please) showing the world that you had nothing left but to have another PBR and the accompanying beer farts on Christmas, was like, sadder than if Susanna Goihman hosted a kid’s birthday party. Besides, staying home with a bag of pills and Dubonnet on ice is so much neater. … Speaking of our Jewish friends, not only did little birdies tell me the National Museum of American Jewish History’s annual Dec. 25 bash had as entertainment a “girl singer with blue hair and a tank top” to appeal to “the kids.” They found rumor: AJHM moving into their neighbor’s KYW spot, Fifth and Market, by 2006’s end with an eye toward reconstruction? Mazel tov. So’s KY-dub staying or going? … Break my tiny fairy heart: They make one of my 11 fave CDs of 2005—the high-pitch space-polk Get Married — then guitarist Neal Ramirez tells me this, nearly five years to the day of their first-ever show: “The Snow Fairies broke up. We aren’t going to play any shows in the foreseeable future.” … If you see producer/Philly expat Ian “Don’t Mention Bricklin” Cross in for the holidays, buy him a drink for getting his second Grammy album-of-the-year nomination in two years for his work on the Gwen Stefani CD. Then have him buy you a drink since he’s spending too much time on the next Janet Jackson record. … Six degrees of zombie-derby-dom: John Sledzeski is your friendly Hollywood Video manager/Stephanie’s Religion guy. Yet by night, he’s star/scriptwriter of the paranoid-guy-next-door killer-thriller direct-to-DVD flick Samaritan and its accompanying short, The Intruder. “Deranged isn’t it?” queried Sledzeski (If that Buñuel film you want ain’t in stock—just let it go!) of his Matt Korr-directed flicks. And while metalista Korr’s busy in Bloomsburg, Pa., shooting Old School Dead with zomboid doyen Bill Heinzman, another Samaritan participant, Liz Lazenby (bleeding plastic-wrapped corpse, third from left) starts her thing next week: being “Miss Chievos” for the Penn Jersey She Devils roller derby team. “We’re the team Philly Roller Girls split from and we stayed in Pennsylvania,” says Lazenby from her post at Hollywood Video. Their season commences at Cornwell Skating Rink, Route 13, in Bensalem, Jan. 2. Be it. … Don’t care you missed jazzbo Bill Jolly’s party at the Commodore Barry Club for his new CD whose title makes sport of his sartorial fuck-up, I mean flare—Behind the Scarf? Bill don’t either. He’s the face of Verizon ads stuck in every copy of the Daily News we open (both of them). Plus, Jolly’s updating 300 previously unreleased songs (as well as usual catalog suspects) from the Gamble/Huff/Bell catalog for Philly International’s 2006 35th anniversary. The label wants to “song shop” the label to other bizzes: ringtones, remixes. Like King Britt’s take on The O’Jays’ “For the Love of Money.” Britt told me it was the first time the song was out of the vault. “We blew the dust off the tape masters,” said King, who was joined by an ebullient Leon Huff playing piano on the track. … WHOWHATWHERE: What were Bad Brains, Chuck Treece, Chino from the Deftones and Pete Rydberg doing at 1935 Studio? What were directors Rich “Snipes” Murray and Bruce Cole, Beenie Man and Echo-chic’s Jennifer Ramsay doing in Paulsboro, N.J.? A video for Kulcha Don’s “Bangin'” with Beenie. “Beenie’s the most eccentric man I’ve met,” said the shoot’s wardrobe director, Ramsay, who is married to Schoolly D — which means Beenie must be like fucking criminally insane. And like Dickens’ ghost of Christmas past with Carrot Top’s hair, eternal runner-up Justin Guarini returned to Doylestown singing stuff from a new CD, Stranger Things Have Happened. Supposedly he stopped by Huntingdon Valley’s Cutting Edge Entertainment, the wedding/bar mitzvah company for whom he was “party motivator” before Kelly Clarkson and American Idol turned his sweet life sour. Did he sweat over the notion that one day, probably soon, he’d be doing that again—singing “Sunrise, Sunset” for 13-year-olds? … Before I sign off on 2005 without pity, I want to mention this: Before there was R5 and Plain Parade, there was Karen McVickers and Carol Schutzbank of Earwig. Carol, a writer (B-Side), manager (Ruin) and booker (Kennel Club) created the Philly network of musicians with support as its sole goal. No matter how bad the bands were (Electric Love Muffin? Dag. Sike!). Yeah, I made fun of her. But I loved her and her verve. Anyway, she died 10 years ago last week. “I miss her,” said her friend Jeff Harris, good doctor of Frankenstein Bike Worx. “Vosco [Ruin’s singer] still thinks she’s wit’ the Easter Bunny and Lee Paris.” This scene could use her. See you on the other side.

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