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November 11-17, 2004

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Blood Brothers

The Dead Milkmen return to pay tribute to the late Dave Schulthise.

by Patrick Rapa



Battle Scars: A fledgling anti-war outfit sets up shop in Philly.—Mike Newall

Too Fired Up?: Booze may have led a Marine to pull the trigger, but a judge says he wasn’t aiming to kill.—Doron Taussig

Grease Junkies: Could drive-through lanes soon double as fill-up stations?—Jeff Gelman

The Bell Curve: City Paper’s weekly gauge of Philly’s Quality of Life


Political Notebook:Political Notebook—Mary F. Patel

Cityspace:Pitch Location: WXPN and its World Café Live are in a tough spot to succeed.—Steve Conn

Cityspace:Port Security—Jonas Raab


Loose Canon by Bruce Schimmel

Slant by Nancy French
Truth in Black and White

Slant by Duane Swierczynski

Letters to the Editor: by the readers

special section


Can You Hear Us Now?: African artistic voices ancient and contemporary come through static-free in a context-rich exhibition.—Robin Rice

Dance:Post-Show Glow—Janet Anderson

Theater:Strings, Detached—Toby Zinman

Theater:In the Driver’s Seat—Toby Zinman


Ragtime Redux—David Anthony Fox

Tres Grand—Deni Kasrel

35 and Counting—Janet Anderson

Neighborhood Watching—Lori Hill

Smear Campaign—Cory Frolik


Beyond Belief: The Incredibles’ cartoon heroes are more real than The Polar Express’ creepy humanoids.—Sam Adams

After the Fall: Enduring Love‘s couples wrestle with the aftermath of tragedy.—Cindy Fuchs

Screen Picks—Sam Adams


Fight Songs: Undergirl cannot be stopped.—M.J. Fine

Under The Rock

suitespot: Peter Burwasser on Classical—Peter Burwasser

DJ Nights—Sean O’Neal


OOIOO—Sean O’Neal

John Legend—Deesha Dyer

Maggie Sansone—Mary Armstrong

Sally Timms—Sam Adams

Frode Gjerstad Trio—Shaun Brady

Chamber Music at Society Hill Synagogue—Peter Burwasser

naked city

Great Gig: Soaking up rays, and absurdity, at the junket for After the Sunset.—Toby Zinman

Feeling Dirty Tonight?: Hahnemann unveils a decontamination unit.—Brian Howard

How They’ll Lose: Week 9 vs. Dallas—Brian Hickey

Howard: 97, Hickey: 96—Brian Howard and Brian Hickey

Gutter Punk’d—Cory Frolik

Icepack—A.D. Amorosi


Democracy In Action—Lou Perseghin

Blond Ambition—Andrew Parks


Laying the Cornerstone: Two forays into new cuisine and a surprise purchase help build the house of Hornik.—A.D. Amorosi

Marathon Winner—Elisa Ludwig